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Daily Current Affairs In English

daily current affairs in English, current affairs ,In today’s time, every youth is looking for a job, every student is looking for a government job and every day jobs are coming out in the country and for that lakhs of people apply and prepare for government exams and also give exams and Some students pass the exam and some students are not selected and many students are disappointed and there are many reasons for this. Any student wishes that if he passes the exam then it would be most important for him. It is important to increase the general knowledge, if there is any test today, then the question of general knowledge is asked in it and if you have to pass in the exam then it is very important to have this general knowledge and your journal knowledge should be the best today Will read current affairs in the post and will also remember the question

In which the student current affairs will have a questionnaire and it will help you in reading and memorizing it, you can have daily current affairs..


Daily Current Affairs In English

Q 1.    Who has recently inaugurated “E Santa” to give Matsya Palco and associated buyers a platform for

            electronic marketing facility?

Ans.     Piyush Goyal

Q 2.     Which Indian women’s wrestler has become the most working woman wrestler in the country to qualify

            for the Olympic Games at the age of 18?

Ans.    Sonam Malik

Q 3.    Which country has become the first country in Europe to put a stop to the Astrazeneca vaccine because  

          of side effects?

Ans.   Denmark

Q 4.   Which day is celebrated on 16 April around the world.

Ans.   World voice day

Q 5.   Which cricketer player has been selected as the best ODI cricketer of the last decade by Wisden

           Cricketers Almonk?

Ans.   Virat Kohli

Q 6.   Which woman has been voted the world’s top ophthalmologist in Chennai’s Power List 2021?

Ans.   Dr. Suzanne Jacob

Q 7.   Former Zimbabwe captain Heath Streak has been banned from engaging in cricket-related activities if

           proven guilty of corruption?

Ans.   8 years

Q 8.   The former Election Commissioner has died at the age of 86. What was his name?

Ans.   Dr. Jeevaji Krishnamurthy

Q 9.   Renowned historian and Padmashree honored historian has passed away. What was his name?

Ans.   Yogesh Praveen

Q 10. 5 year old Kiara Kaur has entered London Book of Records and Asia Book of Records because of how

           many books fall in 105 Mint?

Ans.   36 Books

Daily Current Affairs In English

current affairs in english

10 current affairs in english

Daily Current Affairs In Hindi

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