Daily Current Affairs In English 9 June 2021

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Daily Current Affairs In English

Government jobs are generated everyday in the country. Daily Current Affairs in English, And the youth also apply for those jobs. And at the same time they also prepare for those exams. Those who applied for the exam also give exams. And with this, only a few students are able to pass the government exam. Current Affairs Quiz, And they get selected for the government job, with this, many people do not get a government job. Students who do not get government jobs may have some reasons. One of which can be either that those students have not maintained it properly or they are lacking in knowledge or they have not got the syllabus correctly.

If any student wishes to get a government job, then it is very important to pass the exam. And with this, it is very important to increase his general knowledgecurrent affairs. Till he does not have the general knowledge, then he cannot pass the examination. Question and answer of different subjects are asked in government jobs. One of which is General Knowledge (Current Affairs) GK, if you prepare general knowledge properly. So you can succeed in the exam. And with this, you should also have a good grip in general knowledge, it is very important to study the current affairs, today the diet is also preparing for the youth. So he should have a good knowledge about current, who are preparing for student current affairsgeneral knowledge, for those students, in this post we have brought questions of current, Today Current Affairs, and you can take the exam by reading these questions, Current Affairs in HindiCurrent Affairs 2021 in HindiCurrent Affairs Quiz in English

Q 1.  Recently, in the matter of international goals, Indian footballer Sunil Chhetri has surpassed Lionel  


          Messi to reach which position?

Ans.  10th place

Q 2.   Who has recently released an e-book on 20 reforms made by the Ministry of Defense in the year


 Ans.  Rajnath Singh

Q 3.   Which two schemes have been announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from June 21?

Ans.   Free covid vaccine to youth across 18 states in all states of the country and free food grains till


Q 4.   Recently NITI Aayog and Piramal Foundation have started Safe Hum Safe Tum campaign in how

          many aspirational districts?

Ans.  112 Aspirational Districts

Q 5.  Recently Raimona Forest Reserve in western Assam was notified as which national park of the


Ans.  sixth

Q 6.  India has been elected as a member of which UN council whose term will be from 2022 to 2024?

Ans.  UN economic and social council

Q 7.  Which casting director has passed away due to a heart attack?

Ans.  Sehar Latif

Q 8.  Which mission has been launched by India to promote in the field of energy?

Ans.   Innovation Cleantech Exchange.

Q 9.  Which state government has started the campaign ‘Where Vote There Vaccination’?

Ans.  Delhi

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Daily Current Affairs In Hindi 

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