Rajasthan GK Question In English

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Rajasthan GK Question In English

Rajasthan GK Question in English, Every youth is preparing for exams, in which every young Rajasthan is preparing for general knowledge, in which some are preparing for Rajasthan GK, in this website you can find general knowledge of Rajasthan and Rajasthan GK in Hindi also. Students who are preparing for Rajasthan’s Exam, students can prepare from this website only by sitting at home. And at the same time, Rajasthan GK question may also fall. Rajasthan general knowledge is asked in your Rajasthan examination, students can prepare comfortably while sitting at home, to be successful in competitive exam, you need to have knowledge of general knowledge, rajasthan gk question.

Q 1.   What is a freshwater lake?

Ans.   Navlakha

Q 2.   In which district is the Navlakha Sagar Lake?


Ans.   Bundi

Q 3.   On the bank of which river is Sumerpur city located?

Ans.   Jawan

Q 4.  Hanumangarh is situated on the bank of which river?

Ans.  Ghaggar

Q 5.  The origin of which river is beechhaameda?

Ans.   Som

Q 6.  In which district is the Som-Kamla-Amba irrigation project located?

Ans.   Dungarpur

Q 7.   Which state of India has Siddhmukh Nohar project?

Ans.   Rajasthan

Q 8.   Which district of Rajasthan is irrigated by the Gurgaon Canal?

Ans.   Bharatpur

Q 9.   When did the Indira Gandhi Canal begin?

Ans.   31 March 1958

Q 10.   Where is the Rajasthan Canal constructed?

Ans.    With the end of Rajasthan Feeder

Rajasthan GK Question In English

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Rajasthan GK Question In Hindi

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