Rajasthan Static Gk In English

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Rajasthan Static GK In English

Rajasthan Static Gk In English, Every youth is preparing for Rajasthan exams. And students also do a lot for this. rajasthan static gk In order to prepare for the Rajasthan State Exams, it is very important to first get a general knowledge of Rajasthan. Rajasthan GK Question In Hindi If there is Rajasthan exams, then there are questions of Rajasthan general knowledge. And whatever students do, along with general knowledge, they also prepare more subjects. So they make the exam a success. And some students remain in the examination in this. So it is very important for those students to get to know Rajasthan general knowledge along with other subjects. In this website, you can also find general knowledge of Rajasthan and Rajasthan GK in Hindi. And students may have questions on Rajasthan static gk in Hindi, in this page. In this, you will have to question Rajasthan. rajasthan static gk in hindi, rajasthan gk question in hindi.

Q 121.   In which district of Rajasthan is the fort of Sonargarh situated?

Ans.       Jaisalmer

Q 122.   Who built the fort of Sonargarh?


Ans.        Rao Jaisal

Q 123.    Which fort is also known as “Bhatibhand Kiwar”?

Ans.        Sonargarh Fort (Jaisalmer)

Q 124.    Which Rajasthan fort is shining like gold with the redness of the sun at dawn and sunset?

Ans.        Sonargarh (Jaisalmer)

 Q 125.    The fort of Mehrangarh is located in Rajasthan?

Ans.          Jodhpur

Rajasthan Static Gk In English

Q 126.    That fort of Rajasthan is famous as Mayuradhwajgarh?

Ans.         Fort of Mehrangarh

Q 127.     Who built the Taragarh (Ajmer) fort on the Garh Beethali hill?

Ans.          Ajayraj Chauhan

Q 128.     Which fort is called the “Sonargarh” fortress made of yellow stones with a peculiarity?

Ans.         Jaisalmer fort

Q 129.     Where are the Ranchodji temples located in Rajasthan?

Ans.         Jodhpur

Q 130.     In which district is the famous “Patvon Ki Haveli” in Rajasthan?

Ans.         Jaisalmer

Rajasthan Static Gk In English

rajasthan static gk

rajasthan GK Question In English

rajasthan current affairs

Rajasthan GK Question In Hindi

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