Rajasthan Static GK In English

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Rajasthan Static GK In English

Rajasthan Static GK In English, Rajasthan state which is the largest state in terms of area. The history of Rajasthan is very old. There are also old forts in many districts inside Rajasthan. Rajasthan Static GK In English Those who repeat history. Rajasthan Goverment extracts government jobs. And people also prepare it well. Some students pass Rajasthan Government exams and some students also fail. There can be many reasons for not passing the exam. Either those students have not prepared well or they have not had the general knowledge of Rajasthan. It is very important to study Rajasthan Static GK with different subjects. And at the same time it is very important to read the current affairs of Rajasthan. In every government job that is taken out by Kiyuki Rajasthan Government, questions of general knowledge of Rajasthan are also asked in other subjects and questions are also given in its exams separately. There are a lot of historical fortresses and places in Rajasthan which are asked inside the exams. The general knowledge of Rajasthan does not get hit by some students. And they are not able to pass the exam.It is very important to study the history of RajasthanStatic GK of Rajasthan,Rajasthan Current Affairs, Students should prepare well for the general knowledge of Rajasthan along with other subjects. And with this, the student should have a good grasp in general knowledge so that he can pass the exam. Rajasthan GK Question in HindiRajasthan GK in Hindi.

Q 231.     Where is the book light located

Ans.          Jodhpur


Q 232.     Painted by Amarchand Chandni Night Music goshtee is the main picture of which picture style

Ans.         Kishangarh

Q 233.     What is the main topic of Kishangarh style in the state

Ans.         Women beauty

Q 234.     What is the painting style affected by Kangra and Brij styles

Ans.         Kishangarh

Q 235.    Jaipur style golden time is considered to be

Ans.        Pratap Singh’s reign

Q 236.    Kishangarh style golden time is believed to be

Ans.        Sawant Singh

Q 237.    The texture of fish eyes is characterized by which painting style

Ans.        Jaipur

Q 238.    The texture of the deer is characterized by which painting style

Ans.        Nathdwara

Q 239.    Bikaner style golden time is believed to be

Ans.        Anup Singh

Q 240.    Alwar style golden time is believed to be

Ans.        Vinay Singh

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Rajasthan GK Question In Hindi

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