daily current affairs in English 5th April

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daily current affairs in English

In today’s time, every youth is looking for a job, every student is looking for a government job and every day jobs are coming out in the country and for that lakhs of people apply and prepare for government exams and also give exams and Some students pass the exam and some students are not selected and many students are disappointed and there are many reasons for this. Any student wishes that if he passes the exam then it would be most important for him. It is important to increase the general knowledge, if there is any test today, then the question of general knowledge is asked in it and if you have to pass in the exam then it is very important to have this general knowledge and your journal knowledge should be the best today Will read current affairs in the post and will also remember the question

In which the student current affairs will have a questionnaire and it will help you in reading and memorizing it, you can have daily current affairs..

daily current affairs

daily current affairs in English

Q 1.  By winning how many ODI matches, the women’s cricket team of Australia has broken the record of the


men’s team of their own country?

Ans. 22 oneday matches

Q 2.   In India, today (05 April) is celebrated as which day?

Ans.   National Maritime Day

Q 3.   Who has been selected as the best SME bank in the country for the AsiaMoney Best Bank Awards 2021?

Ans.   HDFC bank

Q 4.   Which Australian player has won the Miami Open Tennis title for the second time?

Ans.   Ashley barty

Q 5.   In which country a nationwide lockdown was imposed for the third time for four weeks in view of increasing

cases of corona virus has given?

Ans.   France

Q 6.   Appointment committee has been formed by the Supreme Court recently for which issue?

Ans.  Agricultural law

Q 7.   Who recently inaugurated “Anandam: The Center for Happiness” at IIM Jammu?

Ans.   Ramesh Pokhriyal

Q 8.   Which famous actress has passed away recently?

Ans.    Sasikala

Q 9.    On which day is World Autism Awareness Day celebrated?

Ans.    2 April

Q 10. Proposal of what percent discount on submission of scrap certificate of old vehicles before purchase of new

vehicles The central government has put it?

Ans.    25 percent

daily current affairs in English

                                                                         Daily Current Affairs In English

daily current affairs in English

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