10 Tips Of Website Optimization

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10 Tips Of Website Optimization

10 Tips Of Website Optimization ,Today we will see how we can optimize our website. 10 tips to know what things we should take care of in the blog and how we can make our blog in the rankings. At which point in the website, do the work so that our website is also optimized and the ranking will also be started. Then you can read this post.

10 Tips Of Website Optimization

                                10 tips for website optimization

Some tips for website optimization

1. Write the content of your blog in the same niche


When you write a blog, then write it in the same niche category, so that you can get better results. And it will make the search engine feel that the blog you are on is in the same topic, so it quickly becomes your blog. Will start ranking and show will also be done on search engine

2 . Choose the correct keyword

You should always spend more time in keyword research. For this, you will have to do many free and paid tools in the same way you have searched or searched for keywords, then you should use them on site title, description, tag line, page titles, page content, because these are the keywords that users search. You can access your article by searching in engines.

3. Use internal linking

All bloggers know that it is very important to do internal linking to seo.

You should think that internal linking is not only right for optimization but also makes it easy for visitors to navigate in your site.

Therefore, you should do category wise linking, you can include important links in your home page.

4. Include keyword in Permalink structure

When you have written any blog. So if the permalink structure is not correct. So that’s not right for seo

And it does not even look right.

And always use bulger with a URL that contains text and also try to put keywords in it

10 Tips Of Website Optimization

5. Always keep the speed of the blog fast

First of all, keep in mind that any music, plugin, images, flash graphics or any element that is reducing the speed of your blog, the size of the images you are doing in the blog is not much bigger.

6. Perform Image Optimization

First of all, it should be kept in mind that if you are giving an image inside it, then it should work and its image should be good and with this which is your keyword. You should do this in the topic of the site, in the image title, in the description, and also in the alt attributes, so you should re-title the name of your image.

7. Perform external linking

In this, you can include a link list, or resources page in your website. If you are writing a good article. The way you have a blog, if you have another blog, then you can talk about the link.

So you have to find another blog like yours.

8. Keep updating the blog

This is the main difference in websites and blogs such as Google search engine always needs the right content and the main content which is searched by the user, they give more preference to such blogs. If you have given a link in some place in your blog, then you should also keep updating it so that the page link that you have given there is closed and it should be new.

9. Index the blog to the search engine

A lot of search engines index content by searching based on your content.

10. How to link to another blog

This is very important thing for SEO because if you link other websites or blogs then your google rank will automatically increase. This will increase the authenticity of your website, so spend more time on link building.

And with this, remember that your content should be of good quality and should be good, there should be no wrong content.

10 Tips Of Website Optimization

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