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Rajasthan GK Question In English

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Rajasthan GK Question in English, Every youth is preparing for exams, in which every young Rajasthan is preparing for general knowledge, in which some are preparing for Rajasthan GK, in this website you can find general knowledge of Rajasthan and Rajasthan GK in Hindi also. Students who are preparing for Rajasthan’s Exam, students can prepare from this website only by sitting at home. And at the same time, Rajasthan GK question may also fall. Rajasthan general knowledge is asked in your Rajasthan examination, students can prepare comfortably while sitting at home, to be successful in competitive exam, you need to have knowledge of general knowledge, rajasthan gk question.

Rajasthan GK Question In English

Q 1. In which village of Nagaur district was Veer Tejaji born?

Ans. Khadnal

Q 2. When was the excavation (first phase) started in Kalibanga?

Ans. 1961

Q 3. What is the literal meaning of Kalibanga?

Ans. Black bangles

Q 4. How old is the Kalibanga civilization?

Ans. 5000 years

Q 5. Ganeshwar civilization developed on the banks of which river?

Ans. Katli River

Q 6. Which of these is the oldest civilization of the tamryugin Civilizations of Rajasthan?

Ans. Kalibanga

Q 7. From where the Ramchal remnants of Indus Valley Civilization have been found in Rajasthan?

Ans. Kalibanga

Q 8. Who is called Tata Nagar of Rajasthan?

Ans. Tonk

Q 9. Which Kachwaha ruler first used the word Sawai?

Ans. Jaisingh

Q 10. When did Sawai Jaisingh establish the famous Jayanagar Basti by the name of Jaipur with the help of Vidyadhar Vastusilpi?

Ans. 1727

Rajasthan GK Question In English

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Rajasthan GK Question In Hindi

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